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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Latest Quran Miracle In India(hyderabad)

Miracle of Quraan in Tappa Chabutra Hyderabad (India)

In a house of Mr. Mohammed Farooq R/O of Taapa Chabutra,Hyderabad, termite ate up a 100 years old quraan.All the cover was eaten and the box was eaten and even the urdu translation was damaged but the termite did not touch the arabic words of the holy quraan.

This shows that the words of almighty allah are always preserved by almighty allah.Even the termite did not damage the arabic verses.

This quraan is kept for public display for 3 days at Majlis Bachao Tareek (MBT) office at Chanchal Guda Hyderabad.

Photos show Maulana Syed Shah Badruddin Qadri-Al Geelani and Dr Khayam,Khan, Mr. Amjed Ullah Khan and others seeing the miracle of the holy quraan.The salar jung museum administation has examined and given the certificate of approvel.

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